Adventure Companies are groups of adventurers who have made a profession out of exploration, with superior knowledge of terrain, fauna, and survival as well as fighting techniques to elevate their prowess. No one is the same as another, and they may take employment of varying degrees. Most operate independently at the discretion of a leader.

It is worth knowing that Adventure Companies are different than Mercenary Bands, primarily with the nature of work they may take. ACs are more for uncharted territory or select monster culling/spirit dispatching missions, and veer towards acts of good avoiding killing other folk. Mercenary Bands take most any contracted job and have a greater disposition towards battle, war, and killing.

Here is a list of some known operating Adventure Companies:

Active CompaniesEdit


-Rarely will adventure companies and bounty hunters work together, seeing themselves on opposite side of the contracting business.

-A high-ranked Adventure Company does not have the members qualify as heroes, though some advertise as such. Heroes are rated on individual accomplishment records. That said, some heroes may choose to then join Adventure Companies after establishing their own reputation.