"The music" was first created by the gods to channel emotion. More than words or thoughts, they bent sounds to fit their purpose and exchange feeling. Bringing the sphere out of the black-and-white age of physics and numbers, this layer of added exchange of personal feeling shifted the attitude of the Auldensphere.

In this way, music was the first form of interpersonal communication.

Finding the sounds pleasant and fulfilling, what the gods created was a "voice" for transferring emotion. With the release of sounds, eventually transmuted into words, they had created singing. Wanting to put these different possibilities of sound into different forms and join them together, they made the All Band by crafting the sounds to be warped by tools of the music. Three main gods emerged, each choosing to make an instrument in the image of their take on this new channeling of energy, emotion, and sound. The 'Voice' of the bands was always that of the gods, but the band came to take a sentient entity all their own.

This resulted in the creation of Godtar, Trumpeity, and the Holy Drum. You can view their personal profiles by looking up the following pages:

  • Godtar (stylized as GODTAR) generates extreme vibes of awesomeness, to the point of being over-the-top. Spirit symbol of all stringed instruments.
  • Trumpeity is the master of class and complexity, though somewhat prideful about that. Spirit symbol for all wind-powered instruments.
  • Holy Drum is all about having a great time and just banging it out, man. Spirit symbol of all physically performed rhythms and beats.

At first, chaos was the only result of combining these strange "instruments of music" and much frustration resulted, but in time, with practice, they combined the different sounds and for a time created the Sphere's first "band", the All Band.

The instrument-gods themselves possess no power, and seemingly no guiding thought outside of music, but may be used by skilled individuals they take pride in having their symbolic instruments played by. This means skilled musicians can draw loosely on the power of these gods, and focus it into an energy to use harnessed through the power of music. It can be turned into a brute force, it can be used to stupefy and charm, or to create a frenzy. The effect is decided on the instrument, the enchanting power bestowed by a god pleased by the playing, and the will of the musician.

Only those of legendary skill can rise their power to such a level to be used to great effect on command, though of course there are tales of guitarist conquering mountains with blue electric bolts leashed from lutes, brass bands that stopped armies with their marching music, and drumming circles lasting for days as friend and foes beat their hands together in a haze.

Rock Responsibly.

There was a former possible member, Allacordion, but that once-deity was kicked out of the band by Godtar  because they kept being late to the jam, Trumpeity for smelling of rums, and the Holy Drum for being a total dweeb.