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Allay is a reclusive winter sprite and patron saint to the twice-born people residing in the city of Fal in the Gul region. She is without words, though rumored to know the secrets of reinstating mortal life. If the method of reincarnation are known to any one of their followers, they also remain silent on the subject. Even others gods themselves are baffled, but dismiss it as a trick to gain patronage. They can't proclaim this with evidence or confidence, and tend to avoid contact with their spectral celestial counterpart to the North.

It is said one of the most spectacular beasts of the region, the elusive predatory aurol, are of Allay's creation.


The belief of the twice-born people is that Allay walks in solitude through the frozen forests and gathers the fallen essence, or chikkura of deceased members of the race in the form of souls released through small blooming winter flowers (sometimes called moon blooms) and then harvest the energy to be renewed and converted into the next life. Those twice-born who already passed on previously are found and put to rest by the wandering god of snow and silence.

On BeautyEdit


She could give me a second life any day!

Because of the exotic nature of her removed people and long-limbed fair featured appearance of the twice-born's females, their patron saint has become an expression of beauty and one of the centers for godly amour, with rumors of some more "base" gods having levitating scrolls of Allay in their private quarters for admiration of her beauty, mystery, and unattainability, showing that even the gods are subject to some very common human emotions.