Artist's rendition from a groovy god vision.

At the center of the Auldensphere, according to the visions granted by gods, there is a sphere larger than imagination wherein all souls collect after perishing from the surface and are stored and renewed with the advent of new life.

Well, there might be.

No living being has ever seen the Anima Seele with their own eye-spheres. Its existence is predicated on the detailed memories held by some from lives they never lived themselves that have been proven to historically have occurred before their time.

Many a tribal claims to have long possessed the knowledge of a life-renewing orb within the Orb, calling it Sol-Sol.

There is no one source on the origin of the knowledge surfaced; some claim to have Anima Seele's knowledge directly form the gods and some cite old notes hidden in dusty tomes found in ancient tongues. The collective knowledge agreed upon decrees there is an indefinite number of souls that "cycle" in the world, trading between death and birth, and that Anima Seele is the gathering and releasing point, where death goes and where life comes from.

It has also been said to be a core of all aether present on the Auld, using reincarnated souls as catalyst for the powerful force.

This process of reincarnation has been appropriately theorized and dubbed Re-Anima (to specify a difference from regular reanimation).

As one may imagine, there is heavy interest and greed in penetrating the secrets of Anima Seele--its control, its collected knowledge, its destruction. No amount of appeal for those folks to the gods have led them any closer to this mythic object. The gods are either very uptight on letting information about the Anima Seele go, or they themselves have no access or control over it, hinted at being a possible purposeful move by The Man With The Clockwork Face to retain power over to mortal realm that cannot be interrupted by the prevailing gods.