An image rendered by a follower who claimed to glimpse Aozaki himself in a morning trance that lasted half a moon.

Aozaki is the central figure responsible for generating imaginative thoughts and rendering those thoughts, making him the saint of imagination. Worship in early morning will grant his followers a vision to see beyond the immediate of what is in front of them, giving the ability to imagine what could be there, creating new ideas.

Worship consists of engaging in some form of organic creation, with charcoal, a stick in the ground, or a fully supplied array of dyes and white cloth; the form worship will change based on what the follower finds resonates the most within the self, and will compose a form of expression to render the imagined and transfer it to the outside world.

Prayers are spoken before sleep, offering up the energy gained in night Aozaki in return for vivid dreams to be continued into lucid worship the following morning. Homage does not have to be paid daily, but only those who pray consistently can hope to receive the benefits of expanded imagination and thought.

Aozaki draws his power and mana from the thoughts of his followers during waking dreams and through the sleep of nightly dreams. This comes at some tax upon the follower, requiring longer hours of slumber and a disposition prone to easy exhaustion as the mind consumes more of the bodies energy.

A good natured being, worship to Aozaki may in some cases begin to consume the follower, as their interest in the imagined worlds begins to superceed the waking world. A side-effect of prayer may be day dreams producing as deep as the slumber of night, or lengthy morning worship that carries on into the day as the creator under Aozaki finds more interest in the self and the mind than the outside world. Moderation is recommended, though some of the greatest thinkers and image painters of time have been those in dutiful service to Aozaki.