Selsol at sunset, with a bard hoping to strike fortunes in music there. He's also totally blocking the view.

Welcome to the AuldensphereEdit

A world lost to time and memory. It is a world of gods and folk in direct connection and daily interaction. Or at least it was. But here, at the root of the Auldensphere we have collected the documents and reports of scribes from a world as it was once known.

Look below and start with the gods to find stories upon stories in stories of the deities, folk, and places that made the Orb a place worth remembering.

Gods KnownEdit

Prime GodsEdit

(Universal & Terrestrial)


Akakawa, deity of physical creation and will of survival

Gods of "Creation"

  • The Man With The Clockwork Face, (abv. TMWTCF) the creator of the universe and all its corresponding contents, boundaries, limitations, and possibilities. Responsible for the Start of Time and concept of energy in every exchanging form. Whereabouts unknown, currently absent from all creation. TMWTCHF is also said to have created the "soul recycling" Anima Seele.
  • Aozaki, the god of imagination and rendering imagined thought
    • His deity of a daughter, Akakawa, the goddess of physical creation and will of survival
  • Nou, god of Nothing

Gods of Battle, "Lords of War"

  • Bellum, the lord of war, god of more clear thoughts but less consideration of human life, sub-god of chess and games of strategy.
  • Bray, stronger bezerker rage, but it's harder to come down and you might snap back to animal level, sub-god of tracking/hunting making you in tune with animal thoughts
  • Ballad, one ups-manship of feats in battle, sub-god of daring and challenges

Gods of "Death"

  • Arp the Elder, god of good aging
  • The Drowning God, patron saint of potation in deadly excess and deaths at sea
  • D'krai, god of sleep, nightmares, and death at night

Gods of "Love"

Gods of "Music"

Ancillary GodsEdit

(Lesser Deities)

  • Allay, patron saint of the twice-born and fairy recluse of winter
  • Sylvester the Holy Fist, demi-god of righting injustice with a punch
  • The Laughing God, god of guffaws, chortles, and hee-haws the sphere over
  • The Giant God, patron and spokesgod of the Tinyfolk
  • Wakatosh, the god-being of penance and atonement, finder of fire
  • Chit'chit, demi-god of idle chatter and gossip, of canards and false-titters
  • Fubar, the patron saint of broken things, discarded objects, and sentimentalism
  • Grumbo, God of all crabs
    • Sinister brothers Balbus of the lying ocean and Bumpus of salty spite


(click here for an explanation of basic tiering of gods in the Auldensphere)



The Obvious Hero, Jacob Lionheart.

Lionhearts & Luminaries

  • The Waking Men, first mortals of the sphere
  • The Obvious Hero, he fights with a sword
  • Also there are a number of adventruing companies who are mostly goodly, found here
  • The Zard, a badass who just can't seem to die

Conquerors and World-shakers

Notable Nobles

  • Quark, the bard, a story teller who brought common-tongue retellings of godly deeds to the sphere, and apparently still does.



Rough map by a traveling scribe.

(For a more expansive view of the Auldensphere, See More Details Here)
  • Arvo, an expanse of coastal plains to the West
  • The Lea, long-rolling fields and woods
  • The Merellian, the jungle band stretching across the equator
  • Kauld the blackened charred basin to the South
  • Shalk the long expanse of marsh and mire
  • Malapu the arid land to the east of Shalk
  • Tor the huge hillside of fog and stone
  • Gul the frozen North
  • Koleander the area northeast of Shalk
  • Xin, the strip of coast bordering the far East
  • Kankru the southern desert
  • Tawniks the mountain edge running long along the Xin coast

People & RacesEdit


Tinyfolk harvesting a bumper crop of BIG (read, very small) redsweets.

  • Mortalfolk, the general populous of folk who are mortal
  • Octavians, a near-extinct race of cephalopod humanoids culled during early settlings
  • Tinyfolk, an inventive race of smallest mortals known for their ingenuity and lack of stature
  • Lacertians, a brawny group of thick-scaled, sometimes thick-skulled humanoids
  • Merish, a race of water mortals predating land walkers
  • Torfolk, the squat and surly race of mountain people who think fog is beautiful



A convoy of blinded Flinn ready for launch.

  • Aurol, large half-wolf, half-bird elusive predators of the far North in the frozen forests of Gul
  • Tufties, the long-furred rodent residents of stone faces, known for a love of pranks
  • Gyr, the great avion avian guardians of the sky.
  • Flinn, the flying transport fish of the coastal region (pl. flinns, a convoy: a flinneon)
  • Uru, the large lazy beasts of meat and milk, docile and friendly


  • moon blooms, blue flowers to the North that give you swollen cheeks.

Noted CitiesEdit

In Arvo the coastal region

In Gul, the far frozen North

In the Merellian, a forested band across the middle of the Auld

Natural Regions of Common KnowledgeEdit

In Arvo,

  • The Salted Lakes, a saline-contaminated and lawless region to the East
  • The Corsair Mountains, the last natural range before reaching the eastern coast

In Kauld

In Tor

  • The never-ending mountainside that is Tor

Tall TalesEdit

Stories from around the Orb about strange happenings and funny thinkings.

  • Anima Seele, the primatic billion, a massive glowing gemstone of disputed origin and function. Recently, gods have admitted it to be the Center of the Auld and the responsible for cycling souls into living beings after death. No mortal has witnessed it in work outside of god-administered visions to the core, leaving its ture form unsure. There are some the believe mortals finding the Anima Seele will be the key to unlocking all godly powers for every being, while others deny its very existence as myth. Members of the thinking elite can trace the story of Anima Seele to proving a link between the past-memories some individuals recall from lives not their own.

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