The ongoing sojourn of Ballad of Battle, the god-warrior of fame and repute, is a constant series of duels and sparring and flashy combat to promote the art of war and the style of combat.

Ballad watches all battles his god-eyes can find, and awards combatants for attempting the difficult maneuvers that turn conflict around, and empowers those reckless enough to attempt the impossible.

When facing certain death, a well-said line and show of bravado in the moment can earn the attention of Ballad and give the possibility of fighting another day.

His goal is to increase the valor of a fight, to expand the wanton acts of sheer intrepid fearlessness for wonderment. He is the champion of the underdog who bites back.

As with the other gods of battle, however, his is tempered with the need to challenge and dare to the next level. Those always seeking his favor by putting themselves in more precarious situations hoping to attain a new level of prowess may find that the god has limits between a well-fought riposte and out-and-out foolhardy attacks. THe key is meaning, but those drunk on gambling with this ability are not likely to think much about the dice before they make the roll.