The Bard Guard guards bards' nards.


Originating in the Koleander musical sissy retreat town of Derwyn, the Bard Guard is for those who believe in those lanky knob-knees who run with their lute between their legs all the way to the town for those without physical prowess. Of those, some do find new strength to reclaim the title of warrior. Others are and were always warriors true who found the life dull upon their 12,463rd swing of the sword and began to turn an ear towards music and dance. For those who master the fluid motions and rhythm along with the tactics of standard combat, they may join a rank of elite go-betweens known as the Bard Guard who promote the doings of their flowery cousins and seek to make a name for themselves through sensitivity and guile with a sword over that of brute strength.


Because their fighting style is in direct opposition to the straight-forward fighting of most warriorfolk in Koleander, regular practitioners of big-sword-hits-little-man find baffling amounts of trouble landing a single blow on these lithe dancers who use their razor thin swords to jab and weak points and exposed openings in the brute fighter's heavy armor. They won't admit defeat to a member of the Bard Guard, claiming instead "They're not doing the fighting thing the right way" or "They're not fighting fair with all their spins and such."

The Bard Guard, despite having keen voices for song and sharp tongues of wit, in this case, let their swords tell onlookers which way to believe.


The Bard Guard serves to promote the arts in combat first and foremost, staking that their are more than a single method to win a warrior's fight.

They also have sworn duty to protect the lollies of men and the frail of boys and dandy lads from aggression due to their more musical dispositions. Mainly, they escort would-be artist to Derwyn, where they are based, and also caravan out fully fledged musicians to find better prospects in other regions.

Due to their style of combat being hard to match for the power player warriors of the area, most are allowed to go about their business, letting the passing chides of not being real swordsmen roll of their backs.


Despite having fanciful swordwork and outstanding artistic sensibilities that would seem to make them popular with the ladyfolk, a majority are--of no surprise--far more interested in each other than others. This can make being a member of the Bard Guard somewhat... dramatic though it's a lively life, and still instills a feeling of acceptance.