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The god of restless slumber and deaths in the night, few find themselves ever wishing to be in the presence of D'krai whose very name spoken is an ominous omen of what's to come.

By the act of sleeping, however, mortalfolk pay D'krai homage as one of the overseers of the unconscious realm.

In the PastEdit

There is known to have been a time when the energies radiated from the god of slumber were not the dark forces that have become synonymous with nightmares. Long before, D'krai was known as A'krui. When the aether energy formed over the newly created mortal-made world of the sleeping, this new void was filled with spirits wrought from that new unbound energy that would become the gods of slumber.

Of those gods, the newly formed A'krui was to be charged with managing the random content imaging that compounded naturally from the inactive minds of mortals.

It wasn't long before this proved overwhelming as the number of folk increased upon the Orb, and the thoughts running through their subconscious grew more erratic as memories, thoughts, and emotions piled up.

They sorted these visions into categories.

A'krui was tasked with nightmares.

In time he was corrupted from the constant visions and has since become a vessel of despair channeling the sleeping negativity out of mortals, paying a huge price itself for the task that has brought him into his current form of D'kari.

Now, in modern times, his energies have gone from empathetic absorption and the god is now suspect of unleashing that pent up darkness back on the mortal hosts.


Homage in the form of a passive aether flow are still paid to D'krai, though not at the same levels they were before with other gods taking precedence in the role of sleep for the Sphere.

Outside of that passive energy, few make direct acts of homage to the god, but those that do usually keep a lengthy diary of past transgressions, have an near thesaurus-like collection of words to replace "sad", and who choose to take their grudges against themselves out on the world. They are rewarded with more frequent visits of nightmares that they apparently relish as a good excuse to publicly bemoan the pain.

Q: Does that mean D'krai is followed by people of dark and alternative stylings, and those who have had terrible happenings?

A: No, not necessarily, little one. Just the badgerporkers who seek sadness and go out of their (miserable) way to spread it to others, even though that which "plagues them so" are usually mere trifles compared to real pain & suffering. These people are fueled by attention they get from the misery they spread, and plead D'krai for more reasons to continue to be awful, be they knowing in the act or not. D'krai simply gives them what they ask for in the form of his continuing nightmares.

The irony here is that D'krai hates these petulant beings, and overflows his nightmare fuel to them out of abhorrence, but still harvests their aether for his own. In a way, however, D'krai is inseparable from them, as it also spreads the pain from the god's being tasked with the collection of the Orb's nightmares.

It's thought D'krai actually quite a fan of those who go out of their way to do or show something different, or share burdens with others, as that was the nightmare god's original part in the Sleeping Gods. The god, though clouded and dispirited, isn't without the original morality that made D'kari's choice clear when it was A'krui. For those who endeavor for another, D'krai attempts to block the terrors of the night, channeling them elsewhere. Therefore, while being a 'dark god' it's not the darkness that gives D'krai it's aura of despair, though D'krai does look good in tattered black, one has to admit.


He's one brooding dude.