"What's they flinns eating?" "Well, whatever fits in their mouth--you if you don't get your hie in gear and load up them coconuts!"

A flinn is a huge, flight capable fish fully able to sustain itself in the water and air with proper care. Wild flinns are uncommon and most are bred for the purpose of transportation along coastal regions in the Auldensphere.

A single one is called a flinn, some of them are called flinns, and full linked convoy is know as a flinneon. These terms are misused easily and often.

Bred into domesticity, they are blinded from maturing out of the fry state of development. This has been found to make flinns more docile. For this reason, you need a flinn flier who is skilled at riding the big fish to guide them. Roping together flinns into a flinneon of convoy can be a very efficient way of transporting goods and people across long distances or difficult terrain.