Looks like Fubar has some good things, with a penchant for the greys today.

Fubar is the patron saint of broken things, the deity of collecting what is lost or discarded, and the spirit totem of sentimentalism.


Fubar is a mishmashed grab bag of miscellaneous items, a patchwork potpourri of useless junks, constantly growing and shrinking in size. It retains a somewhat mortal-like shape, but being buried in found objects makes the appearance ever changing, and the spirit's real form remains unseen. Anyone that knows of the "Living Collection" will recognize the hulking mass instantly--a smashed in lumbering tower of torn cloth, splintered wood, and stolen memories.


Most consider Fubar a kind of monstrosity, as the ever growing demi-god gains strength as more trash becomes his treasure. It is believed that Fubar started out as a manner of spirit. The amount of mortals increasing in the world also increased the amount of refuse scattered over the sphere.

Gathering the scraps for many moons, Fubar became defined by these objects and started adding them to its person. The god is especially fond of objects that somefolk once has an emotional attachment to, and it is presumed Fubar can "read the feeling" of an object to determine this.

His ever-growing mass is held together by this feeling of guilt and regert over something thrown away, and a desperate urge to re-purpose the items. Occasionally things break further and fall off or get destroyed, as there is only so much Fubar can do.


Fubar is not an aggressive spirit, and it spends most of its time wandering to look for the lost or broken objects. That's not to say it is powerless, and any attempt to take something from his jumbleframe will likely be met with brute force from a makeshift limb.

Fubar is mute.


Fubar is believed to receive the aether in a unique way--not from direct worship but instead from some kind of remaining energy stored in objects left behind that spent time in the use of a mortal vessel. This opens the question of whether the god is pursuing disposed artifacts out of a sense of sentimental need or if it is only doing so for the aether it is uniquely able to absorb from them. Folks do love romanticizing a reason for anything.