Contrary to his namesake, the Giant God doesn't even reach the height of most medium-sized mushrumps. He is however the patron to Tiny Town (known by its own residents as Slapabapples) and serves as the only negotiator and communicator capable of conveying messages to the outside world on behalf of Tiny Town's population, the Tinyfolk.

Not standing taller than a large thumb, the Giant God takes his title from the comparison made to the mortals he represents, of which his stature measures more than twenty times the size. Due to this relatively bigger body, he is capable of projecting a high lilting tone that can be differentiated and understood by those who have devoted significant time in the Tinyfolk community and learned the language, mainly The Three of the Lacertian scale-clad people who are staunchly protective of their minuscule friends in exchange for their invention.
The Giant God has been instrumental in purveying the information and discoveries in tinkering uncovered by the diligent ingenuity of the Tinyfolk, and many of their ideas in the craft can be seen influencing designs around the Auld.

The Giant God has gained a place as timeless, so that he will not expire from age, though he is assumed to possess mortality, and can presumably be killed. The Lacertians have kept such a crime from happening for ages, plus you probably could never find him because, again, he is really, really small.