Herein lies brief descriptions of the hierarchical god tiers, from almighty to slight presence, descending in order of affluence.

Prime GodsEdit

Major gods that affect the flow of the cosmos and alter the fate of the Auldenshphere.

Universal Gods, all-encompassing influence and ability, eternal status surpassing the sphere

Terrestrial Gods, bound to the Auldensphere to represent an ubiquitous concept

Deities, representative being of power, not a figure set into the tapestry of the Auldensphere

Ancillary GodsEdit

Gods that represent ideas or concepts to be acted out in the mortal realm.

Demi-Gods, manifest for a specific ideology or action

Patron Saints, hold influence over a specific are or set of mortals


Beings inhabited by aether who attain more than mortal life.

Spirits, beings infused with aether, both godly driven and randomly occurring

Spooks, lesser form of spirit, aggregated from arbitrarily accumulated aether

Shades, possessing no aether and is not mortal, invisible and without influence, no longer considered a "being"