"How cold is it in Gul? My friend, no one there has toes anymore." -a drunk with no toes

Gul is the most northern region on Auldensphere. It is a frozen climate, dark with little light.

One of the more mysterious and secluded of mortal races, the twice-born, make their settlement in their capital city of Fal under the patron saint sprite Allay.

This region stands out as being mostly unchanged from times long ago, and for holding many mysteries under its thick layers of snow.

One of the most famous natives to the region is the spectacular beast known as an aurol, a half-wolven, half-avian predator of the North.

The twice-born folk take great care to let only those approved with reason enter their territory, more out of fear for what they may bring to the sparse populace from the outside world than out of desire to hold land. They work in coordination with animals of the area, such as the guldogs to patrol the perimeter and keep a watchful eye on their more inner mountain cities. This is fine by most folks outside of the region, and Gul is far to cold to care about too much.


"If the cold doesn't get ya, the smell will." -twice-born guardsmen, commenting on the harshness of the long shifts along the border