Known for his wits and his hits, Guzzer Mandle was the merchant-lord that lead his caravan, the Kaliseer, along with others in a southern push of expansion out to the coast and northwards in the land of Arvo.

Guzzer was famed for having both a strong mind and a strong temper in enough balance for getting things done. His punishments were handed out as quick as the justice came to his mind, and even when it wasn't obvious they went towards is long-sighted goals. Most merchants let swordwork to hired hands, but Guzzer thrived in combat and it was in the melee he felt most at home, feeling merchantry to be a necessary work in between leading combat parties.

Where his carvans stopped now stands the city of Brooj.

Noted AccomplishmentEdit

His most famous grandoise exploit was the forceful adjudiation in the decree of Kal-Sel between his caravans and the early stages of Selsol that eliminated the Octavians. Word has it that whenever the parliment of elders hesitated during discourse, he collected the hand of an intern scribe to demonstrate how serious he was in getting a quick agreement, with tales that he fell guards attempting to stop his finger collecting while still arguing against the parliment.