Warrior praying in homage at a shrine to Allay, patron saint of the Twice-Born in Gul.

Homage is a conscious act paid from a smallperson of the folk in reverence to a god or spirit in return for asking their favor. This connection exchanges aether, a energy to be consumed and utilized by the gods, that are produced naturally in the lives of mortals as a source. It is through this exchange that the gods garner power and bestow it back to the sphere in the way they see fit.

Two Kinds of HomageEdit


This is definitely *not* how aether travels, though it would be just neato if it did though.

Homage is paid most often in two main forms:


Active homage is committed when a mortal of the folk takes a conscious action in worship, prayer, or deed with the intent of focusing on the god's will. The result is a more exact transaction of the aether. This is the more concentrated and effective method of aether transfer.


A passive aether is a floating, less-focused force of energy that is produced as a byproduct of actions other than direct worship. These are indirect, and do not require the intent of a mortal. Aether is released in a minor amount, and makes its way towards a representative god for the action. For example, laughing pays homage to the Laughing God.


Gods may receive both active and passive aether based on their fields of influence.

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