Artist's rendering of the Invisible Snark

The annals of history show no confirmed record of the Invisible Snark, and most scholars, historians, and scribes dismiss it as a bad joke from a long time ago. The joke being that Snarks don't truly exist, and that if one did exist it would be highly unlikely that additionally that snark would be an invisible one.

But you can't prove it never existed--or doesn't still--because it's invisible, you can't see it. So maybe there is one.

Some mistake the story of I.S. for that of a Spook, an invisible spirit of least concern and lowest power, though only the deceased trapped spirits of mortalfolk are said to be able to remain on the Orb as a spook. To mitigate this definitional difference, some just say the Invisible Snark is a special kind of spook, in fact, I.S. is The King of the Spooks. This angers disbelieving scribes, who insist one must exist to be king of anything.

There are still persistent rumors that the Invisible Snark--due to such wide spread belief--may have actually manifested into a god-like form, most likely that or a minor terrestrial spirit, because of the mass homage paid from superstitious observances.


If you go into the fertile valleys and rolling plains of the Auld, there are many, many of the commonfolk to be found there who still hold on to a profound belief that a number of daily fumbles can be blamed on the Invisible Snark. With no coincidence, these are also the clumsier of the town's inhabitants, and the batty elderly who will tell tales until the sun goes down of things that only might have possibly could have happened.


"I can't find this galoot-ass anywhere here!" -every child on a dare

Children are another favorite of the Snark. If you believe their stories, the youth of the Auldensphere are particularly troubled by Snark encounters of an invisible nature. Some young ones may even boldly tell you there is more than one Invisible Snark!


The Snark, despite being unable to see and unable to confirm the existence of, measures about half a cow tall, with a long snout and arms of disproportionate length, being long with it's three-fingered paws almost dragging on the ground. It can move as a bipedal but often prefers all-fours because of its lazy nature. It has small teeth and two large protruding fangs. Its body is hot to the touch. What color is it? How could we possibly know that, it's invisible. It may have wings, though this remains unconfirmed.



It was near the coast, mayhaps I.S. was an ocean dweller.

In the case the Invisible Snark ever existed, there was a period of creation in the coast of Arvo when new cities were experiencing a plague of inexplicable problems. The spread of fear and superstition--or possibly an Invisible Snark infestation--led to a mad mob burning down a section of town in development, to "kill the damn thing." From then it was noticed that building went smoother, through a number of architect foreman were also accidentally lost in the flame.

In the case the Snark is dead, its corpse has yet to be discovered. Because it's invisible. Again, that's the joke.

Modern AdaptationEdit

Some have reported, at the scene of foul deeds or misshapen accidents, finding the initials "I.S." carved into wood in the area. This has led to multiple theories regarding the current status of the Snark Who May Not Be Seen.


I really can't find this guy anywhere. Maybe it's in there.

1. The Snark has been around so long that is has mastered basic lettering.

2. The Snark is a person in a see-through bed sheet, up to wrong-doings.

3. A gang of bandit locals is using the Invisible Snark as a cover up for their own actions, blaming it on the Snark.

4. The Snark is, has turned into, or has always been a demi-god or terrestrial spirit that has gained greater power from the homage paid in his belief.

5. A man named Irving Suthers is trying to make a name for himself in the world of property damaging nuisances.

6. It's a coincidence that people are looking to hard in the rubble of the inexplicable until they find the supposed initials of I.S. because, hey, they have to blame someone.


Oh wait I think I see him, he's over--no, wait. Nevermind, that's a lake.