Kal-Sel was the decree offered at the first assembly of the coastal cities in the Arvo region. Before then, the systems of governance and culture that descended from the North did not mesh well with the methods of people moving from the South. The official consensus of Kal-Sel was the agreement to eliminate the race of Octavians, cephalopod humanoid race settled in the coves off the shore, to prevent further raids on seafaring vessels of the area. It was settled and passed by Guzzer Mandle.


From the North, the form of city varied greatly from the South. Relying on the learnéd wisdom from older generations and debate forum discussion, the peoples of the North preferred order and long deliberation with all angles considered.

The South, famed for being quick to move and and quick to strike, sent a large number of merchant caravans along the coast. Governance in the South was bought by or fought for by men who gained public favor. This influence of popular decision sees many changes in leadership.

When the two forces settled in the region, peaceable mercantile relations assuaged any potential discrepancies that couldn't be settled within the discipline of their own nations.

However, the two were far from working together, and often quibbled over farming boundaries. The southern caravan would send a lieutenant who would argue passionately against an assembled council of elders, far more satisfied to argue in great detail then find a implacably swift decision.


So Guzzer basically did this, then chopped of some hands.

The problems experienced by both sides when the Octave Guard formed were the first time their problems were the same. The South sent Guzzer Mandle to the assembled parliament of the recently deigned city of Selsol. When the court demanded to hear the origin of Guzzer's simple title of 'leader', he said he represented the Kaliseer merchant brigade, from which the decree takes its namesake. The debate was short and hot, and every time the parliament would go off on an issue that was anything other than the culling of Octavians, Guzzer cut a hand from a intern scribe. After he assembled a decent collection of palms, the council was convinced they needed to reach a quicker decision, and voted all in favor to rid the coves of their octopi nemesis. It is said that Guzzer cut so many hands off of scribes--and heads off the guards who tried to stop him--that more deliberation continued after that couldn't be written down, and still forms the invisible fibers of what holds peace between the two cities that still stand in the region, Selsol and the permanent southern city of Brooj.


With the pact settled and the decree made, both sides pooled resources and funds to procure a vast number of ships that sailed and brought and end to each and every cove of Octavians in the coastal sea. Now, such a culling would be unheard of, though in the days of expansion many primitive races met their end with a similar fate.

To this day when ships disappear, people of the region curse the Octavians, saying it must be work of Octo Rangers, still surviving somehow out of detection who have not forgotten the vengeance they swore so long ago.