"Is the air on fire?" "No I think it's the water." "Who cares lets leave!" -3 would-be fortune seekers

Kauld is a large region to the South, flat with little foliage and black soil. The bordering region of Tor extends a massive cliffside dropoff down into the heated lands below. It is mineral heavy and full of resources, but has bad juju around it, most likely due to the infertile landscapes that allow very few crops to grow, and even then not well enough to sustain a large population. There is also many volcanoes, lava pits, fire geysers, and under water heatflues in the area, making it inhospitable for travel. Most cities are small townships, normally set up to cater to merchant lords rotating workers to pull the rich crust apart in search of precious materials, with the occasional attempt to cage a fire spirit.

Gods tend to avoid the region as well, though there is a prevalent my of Wakatosh that explains the fiery nature of the region as a consequence of an Early Riser opening up the boiling under world below to the surface of the Auld.

The area is known colloquially as the Belly of the Auld.

It is commonly observed, despite the possibly pronunciation of the name, that the region is actually sweltering hot, though those thick in the head may take another moment or two to make the connection.


"As soon as I can find a way to farm lava, I'll make more than ten dollars here!" -scorch skin entrepreneur

The deep crags lost in caves are also home to the En Cabochon, a terror to distrub in the process of attempting to start new mines.