There she is!

Known most simply as the moon, it is also referred to as d'moon, La Lune, brightrock and mün.

The moon is the sole provider of all light for the Orb. At full strength at its closest it is enough to distort vision due to brightness; at its farthest when it travels the opposite length of the sphere, one can barely see their foot on the ground.

The moon is unanimously called a "her" despite having no decipherable gender. Many a lonely man still wax in vane to her beauty.

The most prized and large of all heavenly bodies, her construct is favored by all who pine for the light. This also leaves a caste of denizens who shy from her favor and prefer her time away to go about their shilly-shallying.

The moon is a very certain celestial body, and not to be mistaken for the lunars.



The moon and the four lunars, as seen from a time of particularly close patching from the sphere of the Auld.

Each of the four lunars has a significance to the inhabitants of the sphere. There are multiple theories on how each affects elements on the Auldensphere such as weather and temperature, though--because no one goes into the black nothing and comes back, they remain unsubstantiated.

When each one passes in front of the "face" of the moon, they create a fantastic light & color effect that signals a start of one of the four traditions on the sphere: Fight, Love, Trade, and Go Fishing.

The lunars are all collectively "male" because some poets have dirty minds.

They all rotate on unique axes that have been tracked though the hobby of just-looking-at-the-sky hasn't been shared by enough intelligent folk the sphere over to track the total movement pattern combinations well. Many old ladyfolk believe they'll all bash together someday and fall straight on their house.


Artist rendition of estimated size of lunars next to d'moon.