Mortalfolk are the humanoid creatures who live and die on the surface of the Auldensphere, where them and all of creation are more commonly known as the Auld.

They are the makers of aether, the energy of the gods, to whom many pay homage in return for favor.

The term of mortalfolk comprises all creatures who can choose to operate apart from animalistic instinct in the form of soceity together, and thus spans many variant species.

Genus of MortalsEdit

  • Mortalmen, the closest to human of a single common ancestor. Most populous.
  • Octavians, cepholopod people now on the brink of existence.
  • Lacertians, the lizard tribes of warrior ranking
  • Salapabappalians, otherwise known of the Tinyfolk
  • Twice-born, mortals who have a tendency to pass memories from one life into the next