oil-rendering in the unknown image of Nou

Nou is the god of darkness beyond the realm of light. Nou does not represent a darkness against the light, but rather the absence of light itself, the void of all other things, and the blackness of the abyss.

This has earned Nou a number of names, such as King of Nothing, Lord of the Void, Nou-thing, Lost Prisoner, the Endarkened One. This makes an official title difficult to declare, but whatever appellation is given, it is still commonly agreed that Nou is the god of Nothing. Meaning that, if given a godly title, it will be "Nou, god of Nothing".

As all that light touches has a force, Nou is beyond that force and therefore exists in a state of unending freedom. However, it is a freedom in nothing, and has no meaning to draw freedom from. This makes Nou a paradox to exist--a being with limitless freedom and nothing to do.

We only know of Nou, for certain gods have whispered it to be so. Though they all admire what know may Nou, it's hard to how much Nou knows, and whether Nou knows all, no one can surely so.

You see, Nou has a particularly peculiar way of looking into the united verse of planets, stars, and light that no other being possesses--should it be a being at all.

It is unknown is Nou wishes to be a part of the world or has chosen the outside, but what is certain is Nou has known for a long time, and Nou has been dwelling on the outerscape for even longer.

Nou is the shadow behind the wallpaper.

And perhaps it comes from bitterness of knowing so much and having no one to say it to, even if they want to know, for no one knows how to talk with Nou or if Nou knows how to get talked to, and thus we may never know what Nou knows.

Though gods have made the attempt, as some thought it possible, they couldn't say if the resistance they encountered was some force against them set up by the custodian of space and time, or whether it was Nou itself pushing back, not wishing to be included after so much has happened without its saying though with its knowing.

Because the events within the realms of light are assumed to be within Nou's view, it is a common turnaphrase when something unable to be known happens, or when something happened unseen, to say "No one but Nou knows."

For this, of Nou, there is only one thing that is seems we may know: Nou seems sad and alone in the vast nothing, though it is there that Nou will stay.