The Octave Guard was the preliminary skirmish force comprised of Octavian warriors that aimed to keep humans out of their waters when tensions between races rose to a boiling point. Staging quick attacks on ships then vanishing in a blast of smoke, their hit-and-run tactics drove fishermen and merchants alike from the region. Unlike seaborne sellswords, the Guard didn't look to profit off of the endeavored attacks. This many-armed fighting force attempted to send a message to the new cities that would become main points of commerce along the coast of the Arvo region. The raids mounted in ferocity as the new settlers tried to blindly push through the reefs around the coves, but the Guard proved staunch, and the usually peaceful cephalopod people were more than the merchant-lords of the coast had bargained for. Unfortunately for the Octavians, the men of the shores thought to fight fire with fire, and created the first joint effort between to rival cities to cleanse the waters of "Octavian scourge and scum". With the decree of Kal-Sel they commisioned a vast number of ships and sailed to rout the coves. Sheer numbers overwhelmed the Guard, and they were no more--though there are rumors that a few members slipped from the carnage and moved deep in the seas to bide their time and eventually resurface as the Octo Rangers.

Octavians were peaceful by nature until their ways of life were disturbed. One notable aspect of the Guard came from its composition being primarily musicians. The famed water pipers proved as deft with swords as they were with the many pressured valves of their complicated instruments.