Renegade vigilantes of a long heritage twisting back through zmany generations of fighting, the Octo Rangers are the last bastion of the Octavians, a species of marine-humanoid culled through a genocide of political persecution. The extermination was thorough and routed the population, though trying to eliminate all of any one thing never proves to be something raw violence can handle, no matter how determined--survival will always prove more persistent. A small cove escaped and reemerged from the seas to exact revenge, organized into guerilla raiding parities, and it is from this spurned history that the Octo Rangers have formed, the last known remanent of the old race of cephalopodic peoples.


The decree of Kal-Sel sealed the fate of the Octavian people, though during the extermination some members of the species escaped. It is rumored that the original survivors were members of the Octave Guard that would go on to form the Rangers.


The Rangers live in small cells along the coastlines of larger regions, all be connected through undiscovered modes of communication thought to be somehow related to teaching whales in roaming pods to carry messages to other coves of its members. They have a merit-based system of ascension with greater respect bestowed to veteran members who've endured the most raiding missions. Though they follow a code, as much for moral direction as to limit the presence of the scourge they pose the regions, many still dismiss them as common pirates, out for selfish gains.

They are known headhunters, and gathering a gallant collection of skulls is often used as political clout in the warrior ranks.

It is known that losing a tentacle in battle is shameful and results in a loss of rank. The greatest warriors and leaders within a cove are the eldest rangers who have embarked on the most missions with all eight original tentacles intact.*

  • Octavians are known regenerators, but the scars and time it takes to regrow are telling, meaning it is the rangers with all eight original tentacles that succeed into command.

The home life of Rangers is believed to be modest, though little is known as coves are rarely discovered and soon destroyed by those still acting out of age-old prejudice against Octavians in history.


A Ranger is denoted by the black hood they wear around their sizable head, meant to blend in with the water and not reflect light when making for the surface. Four spears for the armed limbs are kept hidden and a back scabbard that is almost the length of their body when astride. The prowess they command in battle is accredited to the long reach of their chosen weapon, which look like dark whisps in the night made of finely carved, specially grown black corals. Their limbs move deftly, as if each is controlled by a separate mind. They wear a tunic suit of eel skins to wrap and protect their supple bodies. Witnesses say the years have not been kind to their features, and an unmasked ranger is a terror to behold. This could be a factor from having been forced so far under the sea into hiding before, or a repercussion of inbreeding to preserve the race.


Mythical works of speculative fictions still exist on the exploits of Kah'thoo'lieu, the legendary Ranger captain who stole his way to bigger and bigger ships, commanding distant sections of the sea. The tale, however, is not fitting with the standard actions of Octo Rangers, who remain as anonymous as possible and would shun spending enough time above water to lead a crew on a ship. Such books ales remain prohibited in the coastal region of Arvo around the coastal cities Octavians originally inhabited.


The story of the Wreck of the Seacress implicates the Octo Rangers as possibly the original assailants of the vessel, who continue to use the ship's drowned carcass--still floating with its cache of floovium--as a mobile base of operations, giving the wreck a particularly ghostly feeling, an ominous sign of impending doom if sighted.