The lean mean adventurer team known as Quimmy's Coterie really has two mean ones and two lean ones that balance the party and comprise one of the most effective small-contract groups in the Merrelian. They operate mostly in the mid-Orb but occasionally take missions to the south, though avoid contracts to the north because of a certain member's reputation in the region.

Their stand out point comes from the aforementioned balance, hard training, and many moons of experience that have them excelling in a variety of missions with high success rates. Something of recent rising stars, despite being in the business a while, they've hit a stride that makes them among the top requested--and have raised their fees to match.

Still notable beyond that is the number of contracts that have been carried out without bloodshed, increasing their popularity across the board and allowing them to be more selective with commissioned worked. This is owed largely to a mix of devilish beguilement and harsh intimidation.

Quimmy's Coterie

Pictured left to right: Quimmy (leader), Lynx, Huge Mo, and Valiscor with their weapons of choice.



The current leader of the group, though if asked she will claim leadership from the company's start with no other member making noises in opposition. She is a fighter first and foremost. Her cunning, however, has most likely been what's brought the group on the rise more than her raw power, as she utilizes the groups abilities effectively in and out of fights.

Her preferred weapon is mancatcher hook, though she is equally proficient with the halberd or poleaxe.


Little sister to Quimmy, her prowess in the group comes as much from her skills with a spear and it does... from her skills with a "spear", even if the second comes only from hearsay. She began training the same time as her sister, and would still gain the advantage more often than not due to her quick, well-timed movements, though her big sister's endurance would wear her down. She has continued to train and specialize in quick attacks that fits her natural talents. However, as she grew into the woman she is now, she found other skills in the realm of men, which have led to new abilities in negotiation and infiltration. Although she is often chased , she still claims to be chaste and holding her flower, saying she "much prefers to be the one chasing."

Her preferred weapon is the yari, or long spear. Even a bo staff or switch of wood can be employed skillfully.

Huge MoEdit

Born Mordecai Stone his adolescent nickname of "Huge Mo" would be what stuck in time, and continues to be accurate. He claims he has never stopped growing "since he came off the teat". He is the rough and tumble of the bunch, though he's managed to keep a good head on his shoulders. He boasts, "What info Lynx can't seduce out of 'em I can drink out of 'em! Or something." He traveled with a number of different companies in the past, and even made a solo run for Hero, but settled with Quimmy's saying, "[Because] I like having the biggest tits in the bunch!" Any taunting of his size will go with a guffaw, but it is known bringing up his lack of hair can be quickly answered with a lot of choice words and spittle along with the brandishing of a very big hammer.

His preferred weapons are double-handed warhammers, which he manages to dual wield. He proves to be proficient with anything heavy he can lift.


Hailing from colder northern provinces, Valiscor prefers the details of his past not be known, though his reputations precedes him, and his time spent as a bounty hunter and mercenary band captain is confirmed. If prodded to answer, he will claim to have a change of heart and refuse to discuss the details. Further pressing of the issue may result in a knife at the curious inquirer's neck. Speed and stealth are the key elements of is tactics, and he is known to finish contracts of the Company on his own, bringing no complaint from Quimmy and further convincing her that she made the right decision in trusting a branded man.

His preferred weapons are short swords, though anything from a knife to long swords will be wielded deftly in his hands.