"Let me tell you, anyone starts wearing dark-tinted spectacles during the bright hours of day, then you smack those things right off."

One of the last remaining weresheep, the charge of the gods is upon Sheridan the Riftsplitter to travel through parallel dimensions adjacent to our own and report to them what minor changes could lead to bigger effects on the Auldensphere.

The implication of defending this Auldensphere is a somewhat daunting one for Sheridan, who is now a regular resident of well over eighty near-exact replicas of the Auldensphere we know and in many others Sheridan received a similar charge of examining and informing on the state of parallel spheres in exhange for immunity from violence and age.

Weresheep occurred for unknown reasons (most likely a blessing gone wrong to a shepherd) more than eight-hundred moons ago, and have been hunted down to a dwindling number of the original flock for the magical abilities said to be granted from wearing their woolen pelts.

In an effort to keep Sheridan's pelt on Sheridan's own sheepy body, it continues to travel for long lengths of time and occasionally reappear in different places before seeking a shrine to one of the gods in the sect that grants protection.