"Wetter than the sea without the salt!" advertisement outside local brothel

The Banks is an area along the coastal region of Arvo apart from the porting district and The Docks spoken in short as "Da Banks" or "D'anks" or one of a dozen other jargons derived to refer to the shadier side of town. It marks the start of the market complex on the outside of Brooj.

Famed for less reputable activity, it's considered the safer of the lantern districts along the coast. Most notably for the exchange of money between hands best thought to be unseen. How convenient for those who travel the region over to employ less savory services that after a deal is struck the brothels are not far away to ease the tension of business.

The enforcement of law in the area is more interested in stopping violent crime and abductions for the wealthy, who were too regularly being held at ransom, to care much for any act against common law that didn't leave a death count. This policy of cracking down only on what is bad for business fits the model of profiteering originally set into motion by the first merchant-lords to come to the reason with an eye on strong market ventures.

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