Look at this godlike rube... probably has a sack full of newts just waiting to be put in your porridge. He's even laughing at his own confound intro text.

The Laughing God is the saint of all things ribald, hilarious, and entertaining that warrants a hardy har-har. He also has a fondness for newts and enjoys putting them in the pockets of people, poisonous or not.


The Laughing God has existed somewhere in the Auld since a comrade of the Waking Men scrawled the first cave doodling of a dong and made himself laugh. That bawdy guffaw caused a release of aether from the early mortalfolk, and from then time has contained more than a fair share of hoo-haws, giggles, hooting, titters, snickers, chortles and laughs. And for that, you get The Laughing God.

Basically, TLG was an accident.


"Being a god is no laughing matter. Unless you're The Laughing God." ~Quark

As a patron saint of spirit level, The Laughing God doesn't wield any great power--most homage is of the passive variety, paid indirectly when someone accidentally breaks an egg over their toddler's head. The consistency of laugher in the Auldensphere, however, has given The Laughing God great longevity, and as one of the gods of chaos, not good or bad his amicable nature and neutral disposition have kept TLG out of most conflicts. This grants a unique status to the silly-willy, as a god made powerful for having been present in the sphere as an observer since the beginning of mortal life.

Gods are made wary by those who exist in the ranks of the seraphim, believing those without clear goals and values are difficult to trust. Many have tried to coax him over to their side but only go back to their godly retreats to find newts in their pockets and taking that to be a "No."


The Laughing God resembles the body-build of a cow that can stand, with lazy eye (for both eyes), all of 5 hairs (he keeps regularly trimmed), and a square slack-jaw with golden morals and blackened ruts where the rest of teeth should be, producing instead only his thick pink tongue in a constant state of slobber.

Quick to get into a rolling fit of laughter, TLG is jolly and clumsy by nature, though being godly individual and without mortal flaws, it can be assumed this is a choice. He's kind of annoying. Acting like an over-sized manchild with what been t'ched inn'a hey-ad.

Animal ConnectionEdit

The Laughing God appears to be fond of animals, especially newts which he always stores on his person. It could be some amount of toxin produced by certain species… makes him laugh more. He has a liking for all animals and spends most of his corporeal days dancing through the woods while his god eyes watch the mortal realm.

He is particularly engrossed with tufties, as they are nature's natural pranksters. Often he'll observe and learn from them so that he can act out their routines on mortalfolk--or is it he who teaches the tufties? Either way the link is there, though the newts play no apparent role.


Every time someone falls down while some less empathetic soul is in range; every time you knock an arrow and snap your hand back only to drop the arrow and smack your face; every time someone's loin cloth is inside out; and every time one of your mates says something that makes ale spill out your nose, The Laughing God laughs with you, and that little bit of aether channeled to him by that action keeps him laughing for another turn of the moon. And he dances through the night, newts falling all about, as he waits for another day to pull pranks he's learned from watching tufties on the mortals not yet ready for a godly prankster. He is own best friend, which makes him your worst enemy.