Signs of advanced invention under high magnification in Tiny Town.

Tiny Town is a minute full mecca of a city built on a diminutive scale by its nanoscale subjects. The full name of Tiny Town has been spelled out on multiple near-microscopic signs, and appears to be Salapabapples, but most folks care not for its given appellation and stick to referring to it by its (somewhat down-spoken) more common nomenclature of Tiny Town.

Tiny Town is located in the back foothills of Koleander.

The residents of Tiny Town (known to themselves as Salapabappalians) are, again, more commonly known as Tinyfolk. They are the smallest of the mortalfolk and have persisted in an ever-advancing society for many cycles of the moon. The results of many achievements in technology here have been spread through schematics throughout much of the Auld.

Interacting with the Tinyfolk of Tiny Town has been a struggle that, bar godly intervention, was thought impossible for many, many moons. Having a completely separate written language, even spelled out from large (to-scale) structures by the city's residents, it proved difficult to promote any exchange of words. Their voices are so small, that nothing more than a faint, high-pitched whisper can be heard even in silence. Even now, only the chiefs of the Lacertians know how to contact and communicate with their city's patron, the Giant God.



A quiet hamlet utilizing advanced harvesting techniques to make itty-bitty radishes.

First ContactEdit

The first outside contact the Tinyfolk had with mortalfolk after being discovered was with the Lacertians, a race of large, scale-covered sub-humanoids, strong though docile by nature. After a full cycle of the moon translating meaning from rudimentary objects to complete thoughts a deal was struck between the two races that holds to this day:

The Advent of the Giant GodEdit

It wasn't until the Giant God, twenty times the size of any member of the Tinyfolk (though still measuring height of a small-to-medium sized finger on the average humanoid) stood with a voice proud and tell to represent its people in an event lost to history. The origins of the Giant God are not known, whether he was a creation of the will of the people, or a particular small force of divinity that found a home as patron of the Tinyfolk, but as he spoke (in a ringing tone barely discernible to the ear) those around slowly began to make sense of the messages he conveyed.


The Lacertians were a strong people settled not far from the hovel the Tinyfolk dwelt in. It was wisely observed that, though small, the Tinyfolk possessed superior inventions what the Lacertians had achieved. After base communication ability was found with the aid of the Giant God, the Lacertians took the proposition back to be agreed upon by The Three, the main council chiefs of the scaled ones, wherein the Tinyfolk would teach new ways of developing their technology in exchange for keeping their small city a secret and protecting it from possible outside interference.

The deal struck set both on a fortuitous path and exchanges between the two societies have helped both, with the Lacertians quickly rising to power in their high-forest area, and the Tinyfolk continuing a progressive co-op among their own people.



D'aw, look, they made a widdle city! That's adorable.

Tiny Town appears to operate on the basis of contribution principles that apply to all its members. Every resident of the town is given a job to do from a young age and they maintain that occupation until their death.

There are no recorded wars between residents. Tiny Town seems to operate on a hive-mind mentality where everyone works together for the better of the town. At first, some scholars thought this was the work of the Giant God. Further research revealed historical precedents denying that claim, citing advances in society before the advent of the Giant God's need in outside communications.

Tinyfolk PhysiologyEdit

They tend to live about half the span of larger humanoids. No Tinyfolk has ever been reported sick, though death from injuries are fairly common, especially when natural disasters like stray falling leaves or light rain threaten the city beyond the protection they've established. It has been estimated that time may move faster in the city than in others, somehow due to its small size, which would also explain its advances in tinkering and invention.

Tinyfolk are also apparently unaware of their diminuitive size, as everything in their "world" is rationalized by relativity, and nature functions on the reduced molecular level in their sprawling yet teensy city-scape and countryside.


Oh, look! They made a teeny-tiny bridge. If they were big-people size, they'd probably rule us all.

Visiting Tiny TownEdit

Many have come to study the Tiny Folk under the watchful eyes of their protectors. Lacertians only admit those who come alone and agree to a peaceable arms bond, where nothing outside of the tools for recording information are allowed in, meaning Tiny Town may only be observed in the nude. Any who have the familiarity of wearing clothes throughout the day must forgo this luxury, as the Lacertians do everyday, after an incident with someone who concealed a weapon beneath their garb who meant to capture a host of the Tinyfolk.