Tinyfolk harvesting a bumper crop of BIG (read, very small) redsweets.

The inhabitants of Tiny Town are commonly referred to in colloquial terms as "Tinyfolk" even though it has confirmed their proper name, taken from their township, is the Salapabappalians. Their culture and way of life have led to prolific ingenuity, as they toil away undisturbed.

They live in a city where time may possibly be running twice as fast, some more bold scholars theorize, which would explain their short lifespan and extremely progressive tinkering. This could also simply be a result of their small size, well-organized society, and diligent citizenry.

The Giant God is the patron of Tiny Town and serves as a voice for the people to the few that can comprehend it. The Lacertian lizardfolk serve as the protectors of their teensy township. With these guardians, their society goes on mostly untouched as they continue to be productive beyond the extent of what any of their larger brethren consistently accomplish.

Storytellers spin yarns of Tinyfolk sneaking into folks' ears and giving them thoughts that are not their own, though no such proof of that exists.

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