"You want me to climb that?" -the average alpaca

To the South of The Merellian across from a large expanse of plains in the Lea, the beginning foothills of the vast and towering region of Tor begins to elevate seemingly unending. To stand at the base of Tor would leave one thinking it to be merely a slight incline leading to a taller mountain, but for those brave enough who commit to attempt scaling Tor in its completeness, they will find the entire region is uphill for leagues beyond counting. This extends from up and down from peak to hill, and all from forest to dell.


The steepness of Tor ranges from slow, hillocky gains to steep, insurmountable cliffs. These two extremes may shift across the landscape without warning, making unguided travel very difficult. The most prevalent weather is light to dense fog.

Ascending the immense region of Tor (often called The Tor, The Hill, or Torhill to specifically refer the the land element itself) one will find many villages and the occasional cityscape carved into the summit where the residences prefer, both to avoid unfavorable winds and rockslides, as well as to follow the historic cultural precedent set by their ancestors.

Tor also borders the blackened region of Kauld with a sheer cliff face drop to the fiery land below.

There's a plateau plain containing the tricky river known as the Whispy Brook.

Flora & FaunaEdit

Most of the vegetation in Tor consists prominently of mosses that gather moisture from the dense fog constantly cloaking the terra. Trees and woods grow at steep angles along the slopes. Loping moose and fleet-footed goats are common, as is the ubiquitous presence of tufties who have the highest population numbers in the Tor region.


The people of Tor who settled the region have a mutual faith in the Kreed of Heimat, with a number of gods based on settling, longevity, preservation, and craftsman ship. The mortals here trace their ancestry back to a subterranean civilization that lived amongst the stones, claiming in ancient times to be what built the colossal hill up internally. They tend to be gruff and squat, and their insistence of no relation to the "standard class" of mortalfolk has earned them the somewhat isolating separate classification of Torfolk.


Due to the irregularities of the terrain, market economics in Tor have not spread far beyond their domestic origins, and all but the most bold of entrepreneurs try to interrupt the local trade for fortune gaining. Any attempt to increase profit from the resources in the region is met with further discouragement from the implacable mortals of Tor who are only begrudgingly willing to move all but a few of their products of labor out from the regional trade.