The uru (pl. urus) is a large, lumbering of member of the bovine (Bovidae) animal family that is a necessity for daily life for their meat, milk, and fur.


The quadrupedal Uru are just shorter than a fully grown mortal, and just smaller in length than that mortal would be laying down. They are wider and far more stout. They have a bulky bone structure and are almost solid meat and matted fur.

The have curved horns sticking out of either side of their head. As they take many passing moons, the horns continue to grow and spiral tighter until they make a cone shape that closes off the earhole, rendering the older animals deaf, though usually they are sent to slaughter before this happens. The horns have good value, used as a cheap, decorative object for jewelry craft or wagonhood ornament, as well as for weaponry (strapped to clubs as basic maces).


Urus are docile and well-mannered despite their strength as a large animal. The shaggy beast prefers to laze around and get fatter as opposed to running wild. They take well to domesticity and are easy to steer as they'd rather give into commands than fight back. They don't take well, however, to being herded long distances and refuse to transport goods. If a pack is put on their back, they simply lay down and wait for it to be removed.


They are most common in the Lea, Koleander, and the lower foothills of Tor.

Godly InfluenceEdit

There are rumors that Uru were "crafted" by the influence of the gods to be an excellent food source for the early mortalfolk, still every bit as delicious now. Their gentle natures and disposition to refraining from movement to get fat instead comes across as almost too perfect leading to inquiries of possible interference by godly entities in the animal's evolution.