In all its baleful and vulgar might.

Not even openly talked about by the brash or the crude, the god of pain and carnal desire, Vorr'kar, is an entity that feasts of suffering and primal urges. Closely associated with morphones, the small animals in the body that drive instincts, this baleful god draws his energy from the worst that instinct can conjure and the pain caused to others.


Vorr'kar seeks to spread the seed of pain and suffering in the Auld by working through the most base means available: the animalistic spirit still dwelling dormant in the mortalfolk. Where there is emotion and instinct, there will still be terrible acts of brutality taken upon others. Vorr'kar feeds off that blood-black energy.


It is told that Vorr'kar came into the world when the first act of violence caught the attention of nether energy that became attracted to the pain it caused. The then bodiless being offered an increase in energy and strength to the offender, who continued the assault with a higher dark energy granting the ability to cause more pain until the weakened creature attacked expired from its suffering.
The lore becomes unclear, as it is not often talked about, for which being was then consumed, though it is known that from then Vorr'kar manifested and shoved one of the beings between the hole slit in the lower part of its body, crushing the beast in blood until fully ingested. Some say that Vorr'kar took the offender, and made the first disciple of pain, others say it took the deceased and mangled body into itself and used the mana-like energy, that being's aether, to further inflame the brutality of the original perpetrator.


Openly shunned in public places, there is an inner conclave of devotees to Vorr'kar who primarily preach that giving into the animalistic side of base emotional urges is the purest form of a living creature. Their sparse and cruel texts tell of the mortalfolk being held back by commonly shared falsehoods of imagined decency, and see Vorr'kar as a messenger to return them to a baser being. This god is particularly shunned as its actions are towards no goal other than increasing base level actions and suffering in the realms of the living.


The essence of aether offered to Vorr'kar comes from causing malicious pain to others with a focus on the physical, and by giving into to darker carnal urges. These range from picking the rose of virgins, forced coitus, and conspiracy affairs. Paying homage to Vorr'kar through these acts will grant additional strength to those making the offense, prolonging the suffering they cause and cyclically feeding Vorr'karr.


Vorr'kar has no regional influence, as the acts which lend it power occur throughout the sphere. There are small cults to his fiendish worship in hidden hovels across the land. War and battle bring temporary increases in Vorr'kar's presence, with some saying that skies turn red an his eyes appear above the clouds if a victorious fighting group continues to ravage a fallen enemy beyond their ability to resist.

Public TabooEdit

The name Vorr'kar is not often spoken aloud, due to never knowing who may have been on the receiving end of some wicked rage fueled by strength offered by the dark deity, mortalfolk have taken to addressing it as blood-one or the darkest god, out of politeness and for fear that so much as uttering the god's name may accidentally offer some unwanted homage.