Without anymore "dragons" the number of jumping bugs has increased. In recent times, many new colors have been spotted. Even spotted bugs have been spotted. Do you think this is some of torment for the gleeful way a species was exterminated for falsified glory, as a prominent display of an obvious mistake? Nah, probably just voodoo majiks.

To be clear, there were never dragons that inhabited the Auldensphere. That is to say, there is no evidence of what has been fantasized in stories retold through the generations of fire lizard-snakes with natural metal-esque armor and a love of the shinies.

When these tales were popular, there *were* some very large chicken subspecies with unreasonably hard skin that thrived in the wild, for they were made only of sinewy chewy bits not good tasting in the mouth.

What with the advent of "Dragon Belief", however, some misguided rascals started chasing down and beating these over-sized scaled quails, in the hopes doing so would bring them fame among the younger crowd of their soon-to-be-flooded-with-hoppy-locusts villages.

The last of these poorly remembered large chicken-dragons were firmly extinguished by the well-meaning though misguided sword of The Obvious Hero, Jacob Lionheart, who had listened wide-eyed to one-too-many bard's songs (while acting like he didn't like it) and took it upon himself to rid the sphere of these "horrid, terrible threats to collective goodness". One would think once he noticed the ease of which these rubber necked bird-things could be dispatched with that they would rethink the threat they are assumed to have posed, but a man of his word to the point of fault, there are now no more "dragons" on the sphere, but there are a near limitless supply of awful jumping bigs thriving in all colors of the rainbow.