Why do they call them the Wooly Isles? Actually, it's for the very furry caterpillars that line the treetops! Ha.

A chain of islands plotted with prickly trees of the Xin coastal region to the East. The isles are inhabited sparsely by natives. Most infamous for being a place that ships being pursued for piracy or ships pursued by pirates--or any other manner of marine chase--can run to in hopes of making a series of swift turns and getting the upper hand in the runaways. The natives play an interesting role in this--if you are a ship's captain operating in the area and pay them off, they may help your ship when you pass through. However, if you get targeted by the natives, they will launch a series of attacks to down your ship and raid its cargo, which comprises a large part of their well-being.

It's a dangerous place, but might be just the thing if you're up to toss the dice.

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