I don't like things that aren't full visible below water. Gives me the shivvies.

The Seacress was a large shipping valley that went under well of the coast of the shores of Arvo, a main coastal strip of merchant interest.

Losing boats to the sea is a known risk of having boats to begin with, but what made the Seacress a particularly memorable and regrettable loss came from the cargo that was on board--a store room of floovium, a element-based material of sky origin that has buoyancy greater than water or air touched by the gods. Because of this, the galley never sank properly, and bobs along the surface.

While there are many legends of ghosts ships, this one is perhaps the most plausible of the many offered, as it was a documented and licensed merchant trading vessel. There are rumors of it disappearing and resurfacing elsewhere, its giant bulk hovering eerily just below the surface, moving more than just what the current could do.

This is thought partly to be due to its odd cargo, the floovium that may be altering its path. Many attempts have been made by the Havershack Shipping outfit and Merry Bonding materials business, the original owners of the stock, to retrieve the lost product. However, do to the unpredictability of the ghostly vessel, any time a recovery effort is proposed and launched to an area reporting a sighting of the Seacress, its location has already shifted by the time tug ships and demolition teams arrive. Anything more than worldly, such as the influence in wind spirits around the material, can speak for its strange behavior.

Some others may say it is the spirit of those who died on the wreck, claiming a strange explosion that took them before their time, and now they haunt the ship's carcass as mean ghosts angry over their poor pay when alive, holding the galley's valuable product for themselves as a kind of neener-neener to their former employers.

There is a more disturbing rumor that the vessel may be being deceitfully used by the remnants of a long extinguished race, the Octavians, and the remaining warrior-tribe members of the Octo Rangers, who use the vessel as a staging area and move it secretly beneath the sea as a kind of portable base of operations. This hearsay is still unsubstantiated, though more than once recovery efforts made for the Seacress have not returned to their port of launch.

Another rumor, less substantiated and only spoken by the old and crone, is that the ship has become the interest of a sea god who plays with it like a toy in his bathtub, which is the sea.